Healthy Eating Made Easy

Do you feel intimidated or overwhelmed when it comes to eating clean or eating healthy? Who doesn’t? There is always some “expert” telling us what we should and should not eat or do when it comes to health. I totally get it. I have been there and now more than ever people are sharing their […]

Enjoy Bulletproof Coffee in the AM

What’s all the hype about Bulletproof coffee? It has changed my relationship with coffee. I used to need an entire pot to function and get through my day…um that’s not normal. I was shaking and my heart was always racing but I was still exhausted. Obviously that was when I was in my workaholic, sleep […]

Fuel Your Body Right

Simple Ways to Fuel Your Body Right 1. Drink Water! Our bodies are about 75% water. We need water for our cells to function and to hydrate ourselves. Start your day with warm water with lemon and then drink a full glass of water. The goal is to drink about 50% of your body weight […]