Encouraging INDEPENDENT standing for your Child

**Developmental Tip of The Day** Encourage your child’s independence while working on standing and walking activities. Although this is challenging, the only way your child will be able to stand on their own is if no one is holding them. There are many ways to practice independent standing: 1. Give them 2 small toys to […]

Enjoy the Sunshine with your Toddler

Developmental Tip of the Day When you’re outside and enjoying the sunshine with your children this summer, engage in simple games with them. You can play a simple game of Simon says, do a relay race or just play with them at the playground. You can also change from chasing them down the sidewalk to […]

Eye Contact is Essential

Developmental Tip of the Day One thing we say a lot at @startingsmartwellness is to get down on the floor and play with your kids…it’s very important. Being at eye level and able to engage with your child face to face is not only more fun and motivating but it’s beneficial for physical, social and […]

Containers= Amazing Toys

Developmental Tip of the Day Full up a basket or container with toys and then have your child get their toys out of the bucket instead of just giving them their toys. This will allow your child to practice standing, squatting, kneeling and shifting their weight (shown in this picture), pulling up into standing, crawling […]