Happy Holidays!

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving?


Are you feeling stuck with what to give your loved ones this holiday season?

Not sure what you even would like to receive this year?

(PS remember receiving gifts is just as important as giving them….when we receive we allow someone else to give. It is a beautiful cycle of giving)

I adore this time of year and I LOVE giving gifts. My family always tells me I go a little too over the top but I love it and I’m a giver.I have compiled a list that would make fabulous gifts for the holidays.

I broke it down into 3 categories: Mind, Body and Soul. 

 I have also linked up everything (everything in green is a link so just click away) so that you can purchase any of these items that speak to you.

Every person or item I am recommending I know personally (and LOVE), been trained by (and ADMIRE) or am a student of (and KNOW it WORKS).

I have used many of these gifts I am writing about for my own personal development and want to share them with you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope this list serves you.


steal-like-an-artist yoga-and-desire-map-workshop DSC_0085 adele

Gifts for the MIND 

  • The Desire Map– As many of you know, I ADORE Danielle LaPorte. I read the book Desire Map 3 years ago and dove deep into the practice of Desire Mapping especially this year. In fact, I am now a Desire Map Facilitator so that I can teach these principles to others. Anyways, this book is fabulous to really tap into HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL. See we have our approach to goals backwards. We aren’t going after the goals themselves, we are going after the feeling that achieving the goal brings us. Imagine what you can achieve when you live your life focusing on how you want to feel and then making sure you achieve that feeling each and everyday? It’s the most powerful I have experienced. Long story short….get this book for yourself, your friends, family, co-workers, your mailman….honestly this is the BEST thing ever. I wrote more about The Desire Map HERE


  • Speaking of books, I have read so many incredible books this year and I am just going to list off some of the best ones I’ve read that make great gifts
    • Steal Like an Artist– if you are creative or know someone who is (guess what that is all of us), you NEED to read this book. I am actually writing another blog just about this book so stay tuned
    • The Code of the Extraordinary Mind– I could not put this book down. One of my coaches gave me this as a gift and I am forever grateful.
    • You Are a Badass– I love this book because it has spiritual and self development lessons but it is also HILARIOUS. Jen Sincero speaks to my heart and I just want to hang out with her and give her a giant HUG.
    • How to Live A Good Life– Jonathan Fields shares some practical tips with a lot of science and spirituality (so obviously I love it) and a unique perspective with the “Good Life Bucket” model.
    • The Go-Giver is a fast read and the message is very powerful. It talks about the power of giving in life, business and humanity in general. LOVED this book. Give and Take by Adam Grant is another great read on a similar topic about why helping others drives success.
    • You can also give a gift of books to a book lover by giving them a few months to the Book of the Month Club.
    • I am going to give you guys some more book ideas in the Soul section because I have so many good ones there….so keep reading.


  • Not a fan of reading, I get it. You can still get the Desire Map but get an shorter and audio version of it and then journal along with this amazing program called Goals with Soul for 2017 that Danielle LaPorte also created. I am doing this process this year and I would love for you to join me. Plus you can give this to yourself and then gift it to someone for only $10 How awesome is that?!?


  • Candles: I love to light a candle to help put my mind at ease, make my apartment smell delicious and sometimes I use it for meditations. Anthropologie has some of the best candles (I linked up my favorite one).


  • Journals: Write it down. I love journaling and pretty much always carry a notebook around with me. Some of my favorites include: The Desire Map Planner (they’re almost sold out so grab one of these babies…I’m obsessed with mine), Conquer your Year (I just joined Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Club Mastermind and my mind is blown away with what she creates), Gratitude Journal, journals or notebooks and you can always head over to TJ Maxx or Marshalls and find some good notebooks and journals ( I have SO many….I think I have a problem).


  • MUSIC: Oh my gosh music fits into all three categories because I believe music heals your mind, helps you move your body and speaks to your soul.
    • If you don’t have Spotify Premium already, hook yourself up (You get a month for 99 cents and then it’s only $9.99 a month and worth every penny) PLUS you can add up to 6 people to a family plan for $14.99 a month TOTAL. Do yourself a favor and get that NOW.
    • Get a concert ticket to go see one of your favorite bands in person. The best gifts are experiences so why not experience music with someone you love?!?
  • Looking for a ways to keep your mind sharp and be creative. Sign up for an art class. If you are in Chicago, I recommend checking out my friend Nicole’s store in Wicker Park, One Strange Bird. They have many classes plus their gift shop is filled with creations from local Chicago artists.


  • Keep your mind sharp by surrounding yourself with interesting people. Therefore a great gift for your mind can be a date, chatting over coffee or some kind of fun event where you can sit and have a real conversation (what I like to call BIG TALK) with one of your loved ones, family or friends.


soul-cycle-for-bday cleaneatingguide-fall_detox_ebook_cover_2d bulletproof-coffee-new-stores

Gifts for the BODY 

I am going to do my best not to go nuts here because there are so many goodies for your body…honestly this is just a little taste (if you have questions just email me at katie@startingsmartwellness.com and I’ll send more ideas)

  • The gift of STYLE: I don’t want to go too nuts about clothes and what to buy here BUT I would rather pass along the info to two of my best friends who are incredible stylists and have a passion for helping women how to feel amazing in their clothing and dress confidently. They both have helped me own my leggings with tunics, mala beads and fun earrings look (a combo of sporty and boho is what I like to call it). I am proud to say that Hanna from Hanna Lee Style and Annie from Annie Frances Style Consulting are the most talented, kindest and most genuine women in their field. Plus they are amazing human beings and it is an honor to be their friends. Gift yourself or a loved one a session with them. I just gave this to one of my friends and she said it was the most fun she’s ever had in her closet and putting together outfits.


  • The gift of fitness. You can give a package of classes to their favorite workout studio (or maybe your favorite). My favorite is Soul Cycle. Yes I am a spin instructor and yes I pay $30 for a class (well you get a discount if you get a big bundle of classes) and yes it is worth every cent. It is more than a workout class. It’s a dance party, moving meditation, workout, community and just a whole lot of fun. My favorite instructor is Jaclyn…come join me for her Saturday survivor class. It’s the best way to start the weekend. I also love yoga classes or a good sweat session at Cross Town Fitness or Shred 415.


  • If you’re in Chicago like me, another great gift for your body is a ticket to one of the #sweatworking events. My friend Jeana from asweatlife has created an one of a kind community for her #sweatworking events which are workouts and networking combined. it’s an incredible community and a great way to move your body and connect with fabulous human beings. Plus you get a discount when you get a ticket for yourself and a friend.


  • REST and RESTORE your body: As much as I love working out and moving my body, another great gift is to rest your body. A massage or a spa gift are all fabulous. I have a membership at Massage Envy (for years I didn’t use it) but now I get a monthly 90 minute massage….self care is so important.
    • get a Massage for yourself or give one as a gift
    • treat yourself to a mani/ pedi and make sure you turn on the massage chair
    • Bath time gifts: Epsom Salts, Lush Bathbombs and essential oils are perfect additions to a relaxing bath and make great gifts


  • If working out isn’t your thing no worries, how you fuel your body (yes I am talking about food) is vital to your health. I do not believe in diets. I believe in healing your relationship with food.
    • Want to learn how to do this?
  • You can join my Clean Eating Program that starts in January and gift it to a friend or family member. It has healed my relationship with food. We focus on listening to your body and how your body reacts to certain foods and feeding yourself food that makes your body feel good. It’s pretty powerful.


  • Here are a few great books when it comes to food:
    • Kris Carr (well pretty much all she creates is beautiful and authentic) Crazy Sexy Diet and Crazy Sexy Juice. She is a little more strict with her diets etc but she is a cancer survivor and is sharing a diet that helped her heal her cancer. You can take the recipes and ideas that work for YOU
    • Medical Medium Life Changing Foods: I recently ordered this book and am really enjoying it. Again I don’t think that diets of ONLY fruits and veggies works for everyone but it is amazing for some people. The principles and messages in this book are incredible and very through and a great combo of science and spirituality. For a science nerds like me, I appreciate the science (cellular level and nutrients), wellness, spirituality and prevention.
    • Food Matters website is full of books, DVDs, movies, recipes, programs and healthy supplies (like juicers, blenders etc). Check out there goodies.


  • Want to give some healthy foods but not sure what to get, give them a THRIVE Market Membership. That way they can shop for themselves and get delicious and healthy goodies delivered right to their homes.


  • Want to give the gift of beautiful skin? Normally I hate endorsing physical beauty because I believe it’s the inner beauty of our soul that is truly magnetic. However, we want to have a beautiful strong body that is a vessel for a heart and soul so why not have it in the best condition possible. One amazing product for a strong body is collagen protein. This is fantastic for your skin, tendons and your hair. My two favorites are from Vital Proteins (a Chicago based company-they’re great and the people who work for them are SO friendly, generous and knowledgeable) and Bulletproof (you know I love my bulletproof products check out the image below to see the amazing deals they have going on right now….no worries I will be talking about Bulletproof coffee in a second).



trip-with-meg    detox-your-soul-covers-2d    gabby-and-i

Gifts for the SOUL

Health really starts at our Soul. We can eat clean, exercise and have everything seem great on the outside but if we aren’t happy with who we are as a person there is no way we can thrive. Believe me, that was me, everything seemed great on the outside but I was dying inside. Rekindling my faith, deep soul searching, finding my tribe and reconnecting to my spiritual practice was monumental to the changes I have made in my life. I am proud to share many of the life changing resources and people I’ve learned from. These gifts are the kind that keep giving and that you will revisit frequently.

  • first off, I have a special gift for you…grab my Detox Your Soul book from me for FREE!
  • Meditation: There are so many ways to meditate and ease your mind. I firmly believe that meditation does NOT have to be hard. I wrote another blog all about it so check that out. I have listed out some great meditation supplies


  • a comfy meditation cushion (not essential but it helps if you are sitting and meditating)
  • essential oils to enhance your meditation : Sandalwood, Balance (a grounding blend), Lavender, Cedarwood, Palo Santo, and  Roman Chamomile
  • guided meditations: Gabby Bernstein has some fabulous ones (Gabby is my spiritual teacher and she speaks to my soul on so many levels. Check her out for sure) and there are several on youtube.
  • meditation chanting music (Kundalini meditations). Here is one of my meditation playlists from Spotify and some of the chants are really powerful…enjoy
  • meditation apps: Insight Timer (it’s free), Headspace, or OMG Meditate.


  • Mala beads, bracelets and crystals can be incredibly helpful.
  • I have some dear friends (fellow Spirit Junkies) who have gorgeous products check them out:
  •  True Bliss Living by Kylie…she has malas, meditation cushions, intention bracelets and other gifts
  • Toda Trinkets: Gorgeous jewelry by Lindsey Rae that is all about giving thanks and gratitude (you know I love that)
  • Spirit Rocks: By Lana Wilson makes gorgeous jewelry with crystals


  • Mantraband: I love these bracelets because they have a simple and powerful phrase on them. They are excellent and adorable gifts. I have several…Namaste, Be the Change, Choose Joy
  • Pura Vida: Love these bracelets, they are handmade and the meaning of Pura Vida is Pure Life. It’s about living your life to the fullest. Simple and powerful reminder on a cute and simple bracelet. Guess what I have a  discount code DECEMBER30 for 30% off
  • an open mind….that costs nothing but it is essential


  • My spiritual teacher, Gabby Bernstein, has been one of the best influences for my spiritual practice, not only for the lessons I have learned, but also the people I’ve connected with at her events. These people are my tribe. TO all your #spiritjunkies out there (you know who you are) thank you for being the light and for the beautiful people you are inside and out. That being said, I will recommend all of Gabby’s books but her most recent The Universe Has Your Back and May Cause Miracles are my favorites. She has some great digital courses on her website as well. I have also been trained as a the May Cause Miracles Practitioner so if you’d like support with that program let me just email me.


  • Like I mentioned before, the Desire Map speaks to the soul. The process of Desire Mapping is all about tapping into your feelings and into your soul’s desires. The more you can incorporate your core desired feelings into your life the more you are leading with your soul.



  • When it comes to the soul, this part is very personal so I want to share many options so that you can find one that serves you or the person you’d like to get a gift for. Here are some fabulous books:
    • Return to Love: This is my favorite book by Marianne Williamson. I have half of it highlighted and can read it over and over again. Choose love and always return to love because that’s really what life is about. This is a great book to read and to give as a gift
    • The Alchemist: One of my absolute favorite books filled with many of my favorite quotes. The messages in this book can benefit every single person….fabulous gift and a must read.
    • The Four Agreements: This is another favorite of mine. The four agreements are simple but powerful. Be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions and always do your best. Always do your best is something I use ALL the time…especially when interacting with others (remember they are just doing their best). Try it out and let me know how that goes
    • Hardwiring Happiness: This is all about neuroscience and the science behind how we think and feel changes our brain….fascinating and just gives us another reason to meditation and think positively.
    • Light is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell are both powerful reads. I also have heard her speak….WOW.
    • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is intense but it’s very powerful. It helped me see the power of being present and in the moment. I spent the first 28 year or so of my life always planning for the next best thing and shifting to being present in the moment was life changing for me.
    • The Soul Searchers Handbook is a comprehensive book of all things woo woo and spiritual. It is a good resource and reference as you step into a spiritual practice.


  • Card decks:
    • Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Love Notes touch on all areas of life and are simple reminders with fun loving artwork in addition to each message.
    • Gabby Bernstein’s Miracles Now deck is filled with simple and powerful reminders that you can pick from each day. Mornings work best for me.
    • I love Danielle LaPorte’s Truthbomb decks. They are simple and powerful reminders (a phrase or even 2 words) that can speak to your soul.
    • Doreen Virtue has several like Daily Guidance from your Angels, and Goddess Guidance


Finally, the best gift for your soul is time and adventures with people you love. Your family, your friends and all the people that light up your heart and soul. Life is about connecting and relationships so spend more time in your life with those who speak to your soul because those people are the greatest gift. 


I hope this list has been helpful for you. Like I said these are all products and people that I believe in and have used. If you have any questions please comment below or email me at katie@startingsmartwellness.com


Happy Holidays and I am so grateful for you.

With Gratitude, 


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