Self Love to Create More Love

Join Desire Map Facilitator Katie Henry (2)

Please join me for this workshop where we will be diving deep into ways to love ourselves more deeply so that we can fall madly in love with ourselves and then others in our life. This workshop uniquely includes a guided inquiry designed to help you tune into the language of their bodies and minds as they move through any blocks that are holding you back from falling madly in love with YOU. We will enhance your connection to your deepest desires and intentions with meditation, desire mapping, journaling, forgiveness exercises, discussions, collaborations and a healing ritual.
Suitable for students of all levels.
You will also be able to get some goodies from me. 

  • What to Bring: Yoga Mat (if you have one), a journal and an open heart
  • When: Sunday March 12th 4:30-6:30PM
  • Where: Tribe Healing Arts 1819 W. Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60618
  • Investment: $44
  • Why: Because we all deserve more love in our lives

Are you ready to fall madly in love with yourself?

14 Day Seasonal Clean Eating: $99.00


**The Winter Program is now available***

Are you sick of dieting? Me too! they are the worst. Are you over trying so many different fads that end up leaving you frustrated and not achieving your goals? Are you ready to heal your relationship with food?

Want to focus on eating foods that fuel your body? Want to learn how to eat so that your body feels amazing? Ready to have a healthy relationship with food and your body?

I would LOVE for you to join my Clean Eating Program so that you NEVER diet again! The Seasonal Clean Eating Program a 14-day, simple, easy-to-follow, whole foods clean eating program to heal your relationship with food,  cleanse your body of toxins, alleviate inflammation, melt pesky fat and sky rocket your energy.

The program is will include clean eating (7 days), and transition (7 days).  You will be eating real food that is delicious and flavorful and good for you. You will get recipes that are simple and easy to make.

With this program, you will receive:

  • Seasonal Clean Eating Guide
  • Recipe Guide
  • 14 days of Suggested Meals
  • 14 Days at a Glance
  • Shopping Lists
  • Food Diary
  • Email Support
  • A NEW relationship with food and your body
  • Private Facebook Group

Ignite Your Desires Group Coaching: $497

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.48.03 PM

How do you want to feel? Want to learn how to create goals with soul?

The Desire Map workshop begins with getting clear on what you already have in your life, what you are grateful for, and where you are dissatisfied. You’ll get clear on the root of your desire and create a map of how you desire to feel in five areas of your life. From that place of clarity, you’ll be guided to discover and declare your core desired feelings, all while being supported in a sacred, loving environment of other soul-seekers. Every activity and exercise supports you in discovering your core desired feelings. 

At the end of this workshop, you will walk away with your Core Desired Feelings and use those to guide your life decisions in your career, your body, your creativity, your relationships, and your spirit. Something magical happens when you focus on creating your core desired feelings!

In this online interactive workshop you will:

  • 5 week interactive group program with Katie Henry
  • weekly group coaching calls with Katie
  • Email support and Private Facebook Group
  • Learn what your desires really are
  • Identify your core desired feelings
  • Discover your intentions and how you want to Feel
  • Identify ways to increase the JOY in your life
  • connect with other amazing souls

Ignite your Desires ….your mind, body and your SOUL will not regret it.

Invest in yourself and how you really want to feel.

Ignite Your Desires Group Coaching Plus Private session: $599

In the deep dive private coaching session, Katie will guide you to identifying your core desired feelings and set up a plan living a life based on your desires. We deserve to live in JOY!

****If you are interested in just additional coaching sessions but not sure what you’d need just email me at

Gratitude Meditation $2.22

“When you are grateful for what you have, you create more of what you want.” In celebration of Thanksgiving and being grateful for all we do have, I created a simple 8 minute gratitude meditation for you to practice at anytime. A gratitude mindset is a tool you can utilize all year round. When you purchase this, you will get the meditation sent directly to your inbox.

Seasonal Clean Eating with 1:1 Coaching: $499.00 Collage-28Day

You get the ENTIRE Clean Eating Program PLUS Private Coaching sessions with Katie Henry.

****If you are interested in just additional coaching sessions but not sure what you’d need just email me at 

Ready to make a change in your health but struggling with what works for you?

Detox your soul covers 2d

Being healthy everyday is possible, you just need the right support.

Give yourself the love you deserve. Get ready to Detox your Soul.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Katie Henry

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